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Demand This From Your Pole Building Contractor

For most homeowners, the hardest part of building a new garage, hobby building or making other home renovations is finding a competent and reliable contractor to do the job. Just getting someone to return your call can be a chore let alone estimating the job and then doing what’s promised.

Plus, we have all heard horror stories about contractors that stopped showing up or projects that cost double the original estimate.

But even with a good pole building contractor, construction can be stressful. Choosing the right one can make the difference between a successful project and disappointment. Before starting your construction project, do your research and find a contractor that does these 10 things.

Timely Response and Follow Up

There’s nothing worse than not getting a return call, especially from company you are paying good money to work for you. Although it’s not a guarantee of workmanship, a timely response to your inquiry is a must.

Show Up To Scope The Job

Once the initial conversation takes place and it appears their capabilities fit your needs, then the pole building contractor needs to visit your home to scope the job. Meeting in person does two things:

You start to form an opinion and determine if the company is right for you
Allows the contractor to ask questions, listen to your needs and understand of your vision of the project

These steps ultimately lead to a better and more accurate cost estimate and keeps surprises to a minimum. Providing an estimate without seeing your property or talking through your vision of the project is a recipe for disappointment.

Provide Alternatives

Once you’ve met, a good contractor will offer ideas to improve the outcome. It may be a different layout that makes better use of your space or material suggestions that reduce your budget.

A pole building contractor will likely ask about your budget. Many consumers are concerned about answering that question because they are afraid the project might get priced to their budget instead of priced based on their needs. However, a budget amount is essential to a good contractor. It allows them to provide alternatives that may be a better fit to your objectives. They will use their past experience to suggest opportunities to enhance your project at a fair price.

Get It In Writing

Once you’ve determined your needs, get the details in writing. This includes a soft cost estimate and a property site evaluation so you have a clear understanding of the systems and processes. Although you aren’t ready to move forward at this point, it’s also essential to determine how the pole building contractor handles changes. Effective builders detail changes to the original plan through a signed change order process. This ensures you understand the changes that take place and what it means to both time and budget.


Ask your pole building contractor to speak with previous and current clients with similar projects. Determine if the project was executed properly and if there were problems, how they were resolved. In addition, ask for bank references. Make sure you are working with an economically viable supplier, one that will finish what they start.

Licensed And Insured

Contractors should be licensed and insured. Ask for that documentation. In addition, check the disciplinary boards, Better Business Bureau and local court records for problems.

Beware Of Low Estimates

You may think you’ve hit the jackpot when one estimate comes in much lower than others. But it could end up costing you far more in the long run. A low bid may indicate a clueless contractor or one that intends to up the price once the project begins. If an estimate is substantially lower, go over each line item and get an explanation.

A Schedule

Once you’ve chosen your builder, make sure they define the plan. From permits to anticipated start and completion dates, a good contractor will communicate the steps they’ll take to successfully complete your project. The weather and other challenges, that don’t materialize until the project starts, makes it impossible to perfectly define each step. However, a project plan will guide construction, ease your mind and ensure a timely completion.


The best way to ensure a project is executed to your satisfaction is to communicate. Although it’s up to the contractor to keep you informed and discuss unforeseen problems or issues, it’s a two way street. For example, a concern about window placement once the building has been framed creates additional time, costs and frustrations that could be avoided if the conversation took place earlier in the process.

A Final Walk Through

Once the building is complete, walk you through the construction. This provides you the opportunity to make sure the building meets your expectations. A good contractor stands behind his work.

Although there are far too many contractors that don’t provide the follow up and interaction consumers deserve, there are reliable builders who understand your needs and will construct a high quality garage, hobby building or home addition at a fair price. Doing your homework will help you identify the best options resulting in a project that meets your needs now and in the future.

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