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Green Building Techniques

Here at Beatty’s Builder’s, protecting the environment and nature’s resources is very important to us.Our exclusive E3 Wall System helps us protect nature’s resources. Beatty’s Builders E3 wall system is constructed right here in our shop in a controlled climate environment. Our materials are not left out in the elements to absorb moisture or direct sunlight, therefore protecting them from warping and rendering them unusable. This eliminates the need for additional materials due to wasting the unusable materials.

By utilizing the Beatty’s Builders E3 wall process, our wall panels are constructed in jigs keeping them precise and virtually eliminating any mistakes that require use of more materials. The wall panels are then stored inside our shop until delivery on the exact day they are installed at the job site. This system is Engineered, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly.

Along with Beatty’s Builders E3 Wall System, Our EarthMesh pole system helps protect the environment as well. Our poles are wrapped with our EarthMesh material which not only protects the pole against the elements, insects and fungus, but protects the environment by not allowing the chemicals used to treat the pole to leach back into the ground.

Beatty’s Builders has been in the post-frame construction business for over 20years. Our pole barns are unique and perfectly designed for an intended purpose. It isdesigned and constructed exactly the way you want it. There is no reason to settle for a cookie-cutter building when you can have your own custom building exactly how youimagined it. The possibilities are endless with Beatty’s Builders!

So what could be better than owning a building that is custom designed to yourspecifications, and was constructed in a manner to help protect our environment.

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                        At Beatty’s Builders, custom does not come in a kit.