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Mark Milburn

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  • Beatty's Builders Large Storage Facility/Garage Front
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  • Beatty's Builders Large Storage Garage
  • Beatty's Builders Large Storage Garage
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32'x56'x10' Large Storage Facility/Garage (Gold Building) in Fredericksburg


Fredericksburg, Ohio

Built in: 


Project Summary: 

- Steel Siding and Roof with 4/12 pitch and 2' overhang
- 4" Concrete Floor with Wire Mesh and Vapor Barrier
- 3 Floor Drains, 1 Plumbed Utility Sink
- Electric Service
- 1ct. 8'x8' 8R Overhead Door and 2ct. 16'x8' with an opener
- 2 Windows and 1 Man Door
- Gutters and Downspouts
- Excavated Drive and Limestone
- Hauled 80 tons fill
- Limited Lifetime Warrantied Earthmesh Poles
- Our exclusive e3 Wallsystem


"I choose Beatty’s Builders for two reasons. I was impressed with the quality and workmanship of Carl Beatty’s buildings, and especially impressed with Carl’s passion for his business and product line. My building was constructed very quickly and just the way I wanted it. Carl offered suggestions during the design process, but did not try to sell me options I did not need. He is very easy to work with. If you are looking for a quality building at a fair price, give Carl Beatty a call."
- Mark Milburn