Why Beattys Builders Pole Buildings are Different

Why We're Different

Post-Frame Pole Buildings

What is a Pole Building?

Years ago farmers came up with the pole building. They drilled holes, then put poles in the ground. Then the farmers nailed horizontal purlins on the sides, and nailed tin to the sides and roof. Thru the test of times the technology advanced.

 Contractors came up with two main systems, one is call a header system and the other is the diaphragm system. So let's talk about the the header system. The header system uses square poles spaced 8 feet on center in most cases. The very top row of wood has double header system. The headers are large two by tens or twelves and sometimes they will spec out LVL to support the roof load. The trusses are usually spaces either two feet on center or four feet on center depending on the roofing products. The roof can have either horizontal roof purlins, osb or cdx nailed to the trusses to accept the choice of roofing material that you may choose. The side walls on the header system can have either two by fours or two by sixes installed horizontal also depending on choice. You can space the wall purlins either two feet on center or three feet on center, that is also preference. You can also sheet the side walls with osb to accept different claddings be it steel wood t-111 or vinyl.

Now lets talk about the diaphragm system. It's really the same method as the header system. The walls and pole spacing are the same as the header system . The only difference is the diaphragm system is the trusses set on top of every pole eight foot on center. Then they install a two by six on edge spacing them two foot on center to connect them together creating a diaphragm effect, or also called bridging the elements. They do this because this is a cheap way to build a larger building. The labor factor takes longer in these two processes, and you end up with a product that you can't finish the inside of the structure when it is finished without buying more lumber and labor. 


We Do It Different.

We were not happy with the traditional header and diaphragm wall systems for pole buildings. So, after going back to the design table, a vertical framing pattern, in lieu of horizontal purlins, emerged. The E3 Wall System is the next generation in post-frame building. All of our truss load rests directly on top of our walls instead of perching on horizontal headers that are nailed to the exterior poles. This system makes our exclusive building stronger, because it's built on the concept of a house with vertical 2x6 stud walls.

e3 Wall System

The traditional pole building has 8 ft. cavities and has to be filled in with stud walls after completion. Our exclusive post framed studwalls are pre-manufactured and assembled in place. Variance from our pole buildings can be measured within 1/8 of an inch. Precision leads to efficiency; and efficiency means lower costs in the long run. This precision and stength also means that your building will have superior resistance to wind uplift. This means you can sleep peacefully knowing your animals or business are well protected. Because our system is more efficient, it is also environmentally friendly. Using less energy on your building means less pollution and more savings.

The E3 Wall System also integrates our new exclusive Earthmesh design. This design offers your wooden poles protection from pests like termites or soil organisms and decay. It also keeps harmful chemicals from leaching into the earth Earthmesh poles protect your investment and and keeps your structures from rotting in place. Fifteen to Thirty years from now when our competitors buildings are falling over, our buildings will still be standing strong. Lets face the facts, you might think you are saving money upfront, but in the long run it will be very painful when you have to replace your foundation down the road. Cheaper is not always better. There is an old saying that goes way back and it's penny wise and pound foolish!

A Better Building at a Better Value

In a nutshell, our buildings are pre-manufactured and pre-engineered pole buildings that are ready for insulation, electric, and drywall. These buildings make great and affordable garages, hunting and fishing cabins, horse barns, or light commercial projects. If you can dream it, Beatty's Builders will deliver it.

Our custom design center can help ease you through the creation of your project. Because of our unique design, our buildings come together faster and stay together longer than our competitors. Most buildings can be completed in a few days - not weeks, depending on size and weather. There is, however, a 4 to 6 week lead time for planning, budgeting, and consulting with you. So if you want a quality building make sure you contact us A.S.A.P.